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Enjoy All the Wonders of This Beautiful Country

The popularity of travel to India is on a high, and the tourism industry is booming. The tourism sector in India is expected to grow in size and stature in the near future.

In order to enjoy all the wonderful benefits of travel to India, one must possess a well-crafted itinerary. This itinerary can include sightseeing tours, adventure tours, heritage tours for business travelers.

What are the rules when we travel in pregnancy from the US to India?

When you decided that you want to travel from the USA to India, your comfort is the most important thing.

American Ariline

Traveling by air is the most comfortable option not only for pregnant women but for everyone. Choose American Airlines to find the cheapest deal. It will help you save money and book a safe and quick way to travel.

According to Air India’s policy for pregnant travelers, expectant women in good health can fly till the 32nd week of pregnancy. For most women, travel during pregnancy is safe.

When you’re booking your flight, reserve an aisle seat, so it’s easy to get up, move around and use the restroom without climbing over your seatmates.

Breathtaking India

When it comes to sightseeing tours to India, the best way to ensure a memorable experience is to plan your trip during the monsoon season.

During this time, the country is full of lush green forests and is considered as one of the most beautiful tourist spots in the world. Flora and fauna are mesmerizing, and tourists can see many species that are not visible anywhere else.

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If you have been looking forward to exploring the breathtaking beauty of the majestic Himalayas, then the best time to travel to India is during the summer season.

At this time, the country is covered with a beautiful green blanket and is famous for its warm climate. You can also choose from among the many adventure tours available in this part of the world.


Trekking and mountaineering are some of the popular sports that tourists can indulge in during their holiday in India.
On your journey to India, you will come across various historical monuments that will surely take your breath away.

The country is also home to many temples and is known for its rich history. It is a great place to go and get firsthand knowledge of Indian culture.

The best part about India is that there is always something new and interesting to do and explore. The country offers something for everyone, be it a family holiday or an adventure tour.
The food and drink in India are unique.

You can get a taste of traditional Indian cuisine by eating traditional recipes that have been handed down to us by our ancestors. If you want to savor some of these, then you can visit some of the restaurants in the country or order online and eat in the comfort of your home.

E-visa to India application process

The Electronic visa is one of the best forms of visa to India and is preferred by many people for various reasons. For the most part, it’s perfect for tourists who want to go for some kind of business holiday or visiting relatives or friends in India.

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It is very easy to obtain this type of visa, which is why more people are opting for it. There’s no need to visit the embassy and wait in long queues for hours.


The application process is fully automated, which means that every step takes place electronically via the online website.
All you need to apply is an Internet connection, and required documents.

You can submit your application from your home. It’s way more convenient than obtaining a visa to India in a regular way. That is why, lately, many travelers are becoming more interested in visiting India.

Submit your application through the website, pay a service fee, and wait for an electronic visa to appear in your mailbox.